Ruby vs Node: Which is best for web development ?

Ruby vs Node: Which is best for web development ?

A detailed comparison about Ruby on Rails vs Node js

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Hi If you want be a web developer so there are lot of technology and it is very hard to choose one. Today i give a detail comparison about #ruby-on-rails vs Nodejs.

what is Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails was a king in web development in early stage of web development. Every company need ruby on rails developer. Ruby on rail is a server-side web application framework written in Ruby under the MIT License/ Ruby on Rail based on MVC Architecture pattern. It is developed by David Heinemerier Hansson at 2004.

Ruby ON Rails Pros:

  • It is flexible and IDE friendly framework.
  • Database migrations. It will be easily portable to any platform.
  • Easy functions and manipulations.
  • It is consistent with structure and methodology.
  • The language is very powerful and expressive. It’s easy to express application logic in an intuitive way.


  • Best programming skills are required so top notch programmers with high pay are required.
  • Much trickier if making large projects.
  • Documentation is only for popular frameworks
  • More computing resources are required.
  • Performance. Rails is slow as hell, and this bubbles up to the experience of the end user.
  • Large stack frames. The fact that Rails has so many layers of abstraction makes debugging a pain.

What is NodeJs

If you are in development, so you heared about Nodejs at least one times by Nodejs is the king of this era in development. Nodejs is an open source, cross-platform, back-end javascript runtime environment that run on the V8 engine and execute JavaScript code outside a browser.


  • Powerful underlying libraries. libuv, the library behind Node that handles non-blocking I/O, is super awesome and wicked fast.
  • Full stack. From HTTP server to templating engine, Node.JS is the whole package. Rails relies on something like Nginx or Apache with mod_rails (aka Passenger) in order to actually work.
  • High market demand and very popular in startups at this time.
  • Same language on client and server side.
  • Easy to monitor, deploy and support.
  • Page load is faster across the site. (Our tests showed that websites are usually 2 or 3 times faster with node.


  • Node is not suitable for processor intensive tasks.
  • Unstable API: The Node API has a habit of changing in backwards-incompatible ways from release to release, and frequent changes to your codebase are required to keep things running on the latest version. That said, things are supposed to be more stable since 0.2.0 has been released.


If you see this graph so you can easily calculate Ruby on Rails going to die.



No Doubt Ruby on Rails still in market and have potential but Its future is not secure may be it going to up or down while Node Js is going more popular and have strong futures and lot of jobs.

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