My Bittersweet Journey with Hashnode: A Tale of Disappointment and Hope

My Bittersweet Journey with Hashnode: A Tale of Disappointment and Hope

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Introduction: A Once-Enthusiastic Participant

If you're unfamiliar with me, I'm Rohit Jakhar—an Android Developer. Once an enthusiastic participant in Hashnode Hackathons, I want to share my poignant experience from the past year. I was an active contender, securing runner-up positions in two Hackathons and even emerging victorious in one on Hashnode.

The Sting of Disappointment: Turning Away from Hashnode

However, the sting of disappointment I experienced with Hashnode led me to renounce further participation in Hackathons. As I write this blog, a year has passed since the incident, and I'm sharing my feelings with you.

Hashnode's Allure: A Platform for Aspiration

There's no denying that Hashnode is a remarkable platform, one that I aspire to be associated with someday. Yet, I'm honest about my current lack of experience aligning with that goal.

The Catalyst: A Friend's Suggestion and Skill-Building

Hashnode boasts several impressive Hackathons, and my entry into this world was at the behest of my friend, Sagar Khurana . Participating eagerly, I embarked on a journey that saw me crafting exceptional Android projects. Along the way, I delved into intricate concepts like authorization using Auth0, harnessed the power of GraphQL using Haura, and dabbled with the Apollo library, ultimately expanding my skillset.

A Triumph and Setback: The #HasuraHackathon Saga

Among these, the #HasuraHackathon by Community Hasura marked a turning point. Securing a spot in the Top 3 and clinching a $1000 prize, this triumph stood as a pinnacle in my life. Sadly, this elation was short-lived. Due to a banking hiccup and a dash of ill fortune, my bank returned the prize money to its sender—Hashnode.

Seeking Resolution: The Journey Through Support

Determined to resolve the issue, I promptly sought help from Hashnode's support team through Discord. This began a drawn-out process that included liaising with my bank. Regrettably, by the time I reached my bank, the opportunity to retrieve the funds had passed. The transaction reversal had been finalized, and I was left with a receipt detailing the return of funds.
Here is receipt screenshot

The Search for Answers: Unraveling the Remittance Mystery

Turning back to Hashnode's support, I received a response after a considerable delay, stating they hadn't received any returned funds. After further investigation on my part, I stumbled upon a piece of information: foreign remittance that isn't credited promptly to our bank account tends to be automatically reversed. This might sound familiar to my fellow Indians, especially those who've encountered issues with UPI transactions.

The Heart of the Matter: Communication and Responsibility

Following numerous back-and-forth exchanges, the Hashnode team affirmed their lack of receipt for the returned funds, leaving them unable to process any payment. While I don't lay blame at Hashnode's feet, I do believe it's their responsibility to take such matters seriously and seek a resolution.

Coping with Disappointment: A Farewell to Hashnode

My disappointment was profound, as this incident marred what should have been my proudest achievement. Despite my best efforts, my reward slipped through my fingers due to circumstances beyond my control. This experience, coupled with the support—or lack thereof—I encountered from Hashnode, prompted me to bid farewell to Hashnode Blog and the allure of Hashnode Hackathons.

Conclusion: Lessons and Glimmers of Hope

In the end, this journey remains a poignant reminder of the highs and lows that shape our pursuit of growth and success. While the scars of disappointment linger, so too does a glimmer of hope—hope that in time, Hashnode's support system will evolve to embrace a more empathetic and comprehensive approach.

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